How to reduce Jiocinema Ipl data consumption?

Jiocinema Ipl data consumption

Everyone loves watching Ipl, an avid fan looks for a convenient way to catch up latest cricket matches. But the main issue that cricket fan faces is how to minimize data usage when streaming Ipl on Jiocinema.

In this article, I will share some tips on How to reduce Jiocinema Ipl data consumption and enjoy watching Ipl on Jio cinema.

When you stream data online on Jiocinema, your phone uses data from the internet and plays it in real-time. The amount of data used by the device depends on several factors including internet connection speed, duration of streaming, and video quality.

For example, if the quality of your video is 720p then your device will consume 1.3 GB of data while if you play 1080p video then your device will consume 2.5 GB of data. So you understand we have to tune the settings of our device to minimize data consumption

Jio cinema offers many setting options that can help you to reduce data consumption without compromising quality, so here are the tips that can minimize your data usage while streaming Ipl matches

Change video quality

By default, Jio stream video in auto mode, adjusted according to internet speed. You can select the low quality if you have a limited data plan.

Download videos

Jiocinema provides an option of downloading the video for offline viewing. It’s an excellent option for those who don’t want to use mobile data. To download the video, select the download icon adjacent to the video.

Use wifi

If you have access to public wifi or personal wifi then use it for streaming Ipl matches. Wifi is generally more reliable and faster than your mobile data

I hope you have liked the following tips on How to reduce Jiocinema Ipl data consumption, Do enjoy the excitement of Ipl Jio cinemas. do checkout our other blogs

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