11 Best India’s Most Haunted Place : Detail of India’s Most Haunted Place

India’s Most Haunted Place – We often hear about such places which are quite famous but are also scary. It is natural for everyone to be a little scared before visiting these places. There are many places where people go during the day but do not go after dusk. By the way, you must have heard a lot about ghosts from your elders. But, there are some places in India which are known for the untoward incidents that happen there.

The stories of ghosts in India have been enthralling people for many years, but there are many places in the country where ghosts are seen not only in stories but in reality as well. There are not just one or two like this, but many places. In which some have been ruined due to curse, while many are terrifying people due to spirits. Many such boards can also be seen at these places, on which warnings are written not to stay here after sunset. That’s why people come here only in daylight. But why are these places so scary? It could not be traced properly. However, behind every scary place there is definitely a story hidden.

India’s Most Haunted Place

  • Agrasen Ki Baoli – Delhi
  • Dumas Beach – Gujarat
  • Kuldhara Village – Rajasthan
  • Shaniwar Wada – Pune
  • Brij Bhavan – Rajasthan
  • Bhangarh Fort – Rajasthan
  • Ramoji Film City – Hyderabad
  • Golconda Fort – Hyderabad
  • Lambi Dehar Mine – Uttarakhand
  • D’Souza Chawl – Mumbai
  • Barog Tunnel No 33 – Himachal Pradesh

Agrasen Ki Baoli – [Haunted Places In Delhi]

This Agrasen ki Baoli is situated in the midst of the daily life movement of its residents, yet it is completely hidden. It is one of those monuments not only in Delhi but around the world whose secret remains even today. This Agrasen ki Baoli is built in a deep shape. This well has been preserved by the Archaeological Department of our country. This stepwell is so mysterious. The history of it tells us that it was built in the Mahabharata period, and after hundreds of years, Agrawal Samaj got this stepwell repaired. Going into history, it is known that at one time people used to go swimming here but never came back.

In all, there are 105 steps in this stepwell. In honour of this, the Government of India has issued a postage stamp in the year 2012. The most mysterious thing about the stepwell is that it is so dangerous and scary that it is not only in Delhi but also in the whole world. People spread false rumours about the people so that the number of tourists increases there and they can earn money, but there is nothing like this. You do not have to buy tickets to go here nor sell any items here. This proves that the matter is not mysterious in reality. Let us know what this bagli tells us about. Friends say that there are people from other worlds inside this stepwell. Yes, you heard it right, people from other worlds. Those who were once in our place in this world, this step has taken them inside.

India's Most Haunted Place

Due to the curse of Baoli, it was forbidden to go here after the Mahabharata period, and because of that, the water of this well had turned black, and whoever went here used to jump and kill himself. But hundreds of thousands of years later, when the country moved towards modernity and there was an outbreak of water in Delhi, then at that time, only this well was such where water was always full, even after people’s refusal, some people used to come here to fill the water. He used to start his work and they would jump into it and give their lives.

According to this, as soon as people descended into this stepwell, they used to go into some kind of hypnosis and used to give their own lives. It is said that even after drowning in this black water, their corpses never floated upstairs as if this step had swallowed them whole. One day, the well of this stepwell suddenly dried up completely overnight.

Dumas Beach – [Gujarat] 

Located near Surat in Gujarat, Dumas Beach is counted among the haunted places. Hindus also come to perform last rites at this place. It is said that souls reside here. Due to this fear, people do not come here after evening. The beach is always deserted. The locals are afraid to go to this beach alone even in the afternoon. Whoever went in the night, did not return.

Dumas Beach

India’s Most Haunted Place

After dark in the evening, the sounds of screaming and shouting start coming on the beach. The sound of screaming can be heard even from a long distance. According to the local people, whoever went on this beach in the night did not return. This beach is full of natural beauty, but the talk of the local people about this beach is intimidating.

Black Sand On Dumas Beach

The history of the most dumas beach of this beach, this beach is situated at a distance of 21 kilometers from Surat, which is adjacent to the Arabian Sea. The most surprising thing is that the color of the sand here is black. No one knows the history of the meanwhile. But, local people say that centuries ago the spirits took their abode here and due to this the sand here turned black. In the meantime, dead bodies are also burnt nearby.

People believe that those who do not attain salvation, or who die prematurely, their souls settle in this middle. It is also a famous love spot. Many couples say that this beach, which looks beautiful during the day, starts looking scary only after dusk. The sounds of crying and sobbing are also heard in the middle.

Kuldhara Village – [Rajasthan]

The Kuldhara village of Rajasthan, deserted since the 19th century, is located at a distance of about 20 kilometers from Jaisalmer. Presently you will find hundreds of dilapidated buildings and ruins made of sandstone in Kuldhara village. In the year 1825, people of about 83 nearby villages along with Kuldhara suddenly abandoned all these villages in the night. From that day onwards nothing could be known of the Paliwal community of Kuldhara. It is amazing to see people evacuate the villages suddenly without any natural calamity. Whenever a place has become completely deserted in world history, there are some reasons behind it like natural disaster, loss of means of livelihood, epidemic etc. But none of these reasons is found in the history behind the complete desertion of Kuldhara village.

If it was not for all these reasons, then surely some big thing must have happened due to which 83 other villages along with Kuldhara village became deserted. The only way to know this secret is the folk belief and the things that are told from generation to generation. It is said that there was a Diwan of Kuldhara village whose name was Salam Singh. Salam Singh was very fond of a girl living in Kuldhara village. Salam Singh wanted to marry that girl under any circumstances and for this he started pressurizing the Brahmins. But when people did not agree with that Diwan, he threatened the people of the village that if I am not married to that girl in a few days, then I will levy such a high tax on all the agricultural produce in this village that No one will be able to repay him.

Kuldhara Village

It was a difficult time for the people of Kuldhara village, they had two ways, either to save their daughter or to the village. To take a decision on this difficult situation, the people of other 83 villages adjoining Kuldhara village held a meeting and it was decided that under no circumstances the daughter of the village would be given to Diwan Salam Singh and all the people together took 84 It was decided to evacuate the villages and on seeing 84 villages became deserted. It is believed that the Paliwal Brahmins cursed that no one will be able to settle in this village after today. According to the local people, some people had tried to settle at this place, but every time there was some obstacle in front of them and that is why they could not settle here.

Shaniwar Wada – [Pune]

People in other corners of India may not know about Shaniwar Wada, but Marathi people know about it very well. Actually, this is a historical palace, which was once the pride and glory of the Maratha Empire, but about 246 years ago, such an incident happened in this palace, whose echo is still heard today. Because of this incident, people consider this palace to be mysterious. So let’s know that mysterious story of Shaniwar Wada, which scares people even today…

Shaniwar Wada is located in Pune, Maharashtra, which was built by Bajirao Peshwa, who took the Maratha-Peshwa Empire to the heights. It was completely completed in the year 1732. It is said that at that time about 16 thousand rupees were spent in making it. In those days this amount was very high. At that time about 1000 people lived in this palace. It is said that the foundation of this palace was laid on Saturday, that is why it was named ‘Shaniwar Wada’. For about 85 years, this palace was under the control of the Peshwas, but in 1818 AD, the British took control of it and it remained under their control till the independence of India.

India's Most Haunted Place

It is said that on the night of 30 August 1773, 18-year-old Narayan Rao, who became the ninth Peshwa of the Maratha Empire, was conspired and murdered in this palace. It is said that it was his uncle who got him murdered. Local people say that even today, on the night of Amavasya, someone’s painful voice is heard from the palace, which shouts save-save. This voice is of Narayan Rao only.

There is another mystery related to Shaniwar Wada, which remains unsolved till date. In the year 1828, there was a fierce fire in this palace, which kept burning for seven days. Because of this, a large part of the palace was burnt. Now how this fire started, it remains a question even today. Nobody knows about it.

Brij Raj Bhavan – [Horror Places In Rajasthan]

There are many such haunted places in India, where no one tries to go by mistake. These places are very popular in the country and the world for their haunting incidents. In this episode, today we are going to talk about the bridge building. It is located in Kota city of Rajasthan. This was a haveli of British times, which has now been converted into a hotel. Today its name is counted among the famous hotels of Rajasthan. Many people from all over the world come and stay here.

According to the people staying in this hotel, there is a shadow of something here. Many tourists who have stayed in the hotel have even said that when they stayed inside the hotel. During that time many of them felt sounds or witnessed some spirit related phenomenon. It is said that the spirit of an Englishman also resides in the Brij Bhavan Hotel. This Englishman was killed many years ago at the same place along with his two children.

Brij Raj Bhavan

Brij Bhavan has a mysterious history, knowing which will leave you goosebumps. The bridge building was constructed around the year 1857 near the Chambal river. During that time there used to be a lot of dispute between Hindus and Muslims. Taking advantage of this, the British government used to throw beef outside the temple of Hindus and pork in front of the mosque.
advertisement. This increased the fight between Hindu-Muslim, which benefited the British government. However, in 1857, a rumor spread among Indian soldiers that beef and pig meat were used in their guns. This enraged the army and they unitedly started a rebellion against the British rule.

It is said that Major Charles Burton and his two twin children used to live in Brij Bhavan (Kota Residency) when the rebellion started. During the rebellion, the soldiers surrounded this building from all sides and entered inside and stabbed Major Charles Burton and his sons. It is said that since then the Major’s spirit is wandering in this building. His soul has not yet found peace.

The former Queen of Kota also claimed to have seen the ghost of Major Charles Burton several times in her drawing room. According to the Queen, the Major’s spirit never tried to harm her. Let us tell you that Brij Bhavan has now become Kota State Guest House. According to the people working here, there is often the sound of someone walking in the gallery of the hotel.

Bhangarh Fort – [India’s Most Haunted Place]

Talking about the history of Bhangarh Fort, it is said that Raja Bhagwat Das of Amer built it for his younger son Madho Singh I in 1573. Many stories are heard about Bhangarh Fort. According to a story, the shadow of the fort fell on the house of an ascetic living in the village. Because of which the ascetic cursed the fort. Due to which this cursed fort was completely ruined.

bhangarh ka kila

Another story is famous about Bhangarh Fort. It is said that this fort was completely ruined due to the curse of a tantrik. It is said that the princess Ratnavati of the fort was the reason for the destruction of this fort. A tantrik who fell in love with the princess had hatched a conspiracy and wanted to get the princess. But when the conspiracy was revealed, he was put to death. After which due to the curse of this tantrik, this fort turned into ruins and became ghostly.

Second Story – India’s Most Haunted Place 

Samrat Madho Singh who built the city after receiving Guru Balu Nath’s approval was an ascetic who loved to meditate. The saint gave his approval on the condition that the shadow of the palace should not fall on the place of his prayer. If this happens, the palace will be in ruins.

When the construction of the palace was completed, its shadow fell on the place of prayer of the saint and Bhangarh was destroyed at the same time. After suffering the wrath of the saint, Bhangarh immediately turned into a cursed city and could not be resettled, as none of the structures in it ever managed to survive. Surprisingly, the penance site of Balunath can still be seen in ruins.

Ramoji Film City – [Hyderabad]

If you do not know, then let us tell you that Ramoji Film City in Hyderabad is considered to be the biggest film city in Asia. If history is to be believed, it was once the battlefield of the Nizams.

Ramoji film city

People say that even in today’s time, the souls of the dead soldiers wander, which disturbs the people in the evening. For information, let us tell you that Romoji Film City is one of the most haunted places in the country. No one makes the mistake of roaming here alone in the evening.

Golconda Fort – [Hyderabad]

Many kings and emperors in India had built forts for their stay or to hide in case of emergency. These forts remain the pride of the country even today. One of these is the Golconda Fort, which is one of the major tourist places in Hyderabad. The fort is located at a distance of about nine kilometers from Hussain Sagar Lake, one of the largest man-made lakes in the country and is one of the best-preserved monuments of the region. The construction of this fort is said to have been completed in the 1600s, but it was started by the Kakatiya dynasty in the 13th century. This fort is known for its architecture, mythology, history and mysteries.

Golconda Fort
India’s Most Haunted Place

The present Telangana was once ruled by the Kakatiya emperors in the 13th century, during their reign Golconda was built here. According to the local people, many mysterious stories are associated with this place. If people believe that even today, the insatiable spirit of Queen Taramati wanders here. Rani Taramati was buried here along with her husband. According to experts, the soul of Queen Taramati is seen dancing here in the evening with strange sounds.

Lambi Dehar Mine – [Uttarakhand]

Devbhoomi Uttarakhand is famous all over the world for its natural beauty. This hill state of India is considered very advanced in terms of tourism. The beautiful tourist places here attract tourists from far away. Kedarnath, Rishikesh, Haridwar, Dehradun, Uttarkashi, Mussoorie etc. work to make this state the most special. But in the midst of all this, there are some dark pages related to the history of Uttarakhand, which present a different past. Today we are going to talk about that death mine in Mussoorie, where even today the screams of the dead laborers are heard. This mine has now turned into a haunted place.

Lambi Dehar Mine

Secrets of Death’s Mine Tourists visiting Mussoorie, famous for the hilly beauty, are probably not aware that there is any such place here where the spirits reside. We are talking about ‘Lambi Dehar Mine‘ located near Mussoorie. Where once thousands of laborers used to work. But today this place has turned into a forest and ruins.

In the 90s, this mine was the victim of a major accident. Due to which 50,000 laborers working here became victims of death. In fact, due to the chosen stone, the workers here first fell victim to lung disease. Then they started vomiting blood. Paranormal sites of Chandigarh, where humans are not allowed to go! After which 50,000 laborers started dying in agony. It is said that his lungs had become like stones due to infection. It is counted among the biggest accidents in India. Since then this place is now deserted. Where mine never started again.

D’Souza Chawl – [Mumbai]

D’Souza Chawl located in Mahim, Mumbai is also considered one of the scary places. Local people here say that decades ago a woman accidentally fell into the well. Since then his spirit revolves around the chawl.

D'Souza Chawl

Although there is no real evidence for this and nothing can be said clearly about whether this story is true or not. But the people living in the chawls stay inside the houses after sunset.

Barog Tunnel No 33 – [Himachal Pradesh]

The Barog Tunnel of Himachal Pradesh is also considered a haunted place. It is located on Shimla-Kalka road near railway station. The story behind it being scary is that an engineer committed suicide here in the early 20th century. Tunnel number 33 is known as Barog tunnel. The story behind this starts from the year 1903. When the British government appointed Colonel Barog to build a tunnel in the then deserted area.

India's Most Haunted Place

Colonel Barog was very adept in his work but there was some mistake in his calculation, due to which the tunnel was getting deeper and deeper. Due to this all his hard work was washed away. After this Colonel Barog fell into depression, he felt that he would have to face a lot of embarrassment for this. After this he shot himself inside the tunnel.

However, later another engineer worked to complete the tunnel. But it is said that Colonel Barog never left this place. This railway station was named as Barog Railway Station. Locals say that they see the colonel’s spirit several times near the tunnel. Although it is also said that the spirit of Colonel Barog has not harmed anyone till date.

Calculation of India’s Most Haunted Place

India’s Most Haunted Place – This article does not officially confirm the veracity of any incident. This article is written for information purpose only. And also this article does not promote any kind of superstition. This information has been taken from newspapers and internet. Therefore, before going to these places, you must do a complete investigation at your level.

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